The Closer You Are - A Welcome Back gift for Nanna Lundin

Playing a brony song live at my school ~

[Co-op] Silent Hill 3 - Part 01: Witness the Beginning

Perfect Harmony - Live at Hjälmared Folkhögskola, 2013-11-19

Hey man, I'm that guy that borrowed your drum track for rainbow factory. I thought I would ask you for a bit of feedback on an original song that I am working on. So yeah when you have time, could you please give it a listen and tell me what you think?

I just gave it a listen and I must say I find it highly fascinating! =)
As of now, I don’t have access to my guitar and amp. So if you want to, we could make a collaboration on that song! You record the guitars to a set BPM, send me tabs/midi files and I can make drums and bass for it and also mix and master everything.

How does that sound? :D 

Are you going to make some more covers like rainbow factory. I'm looking for good metal cover of nightmare night. Are you planning anything like this?

Sorry for the very late answer!

Yes I have a lot of covers planned similar to Rainbow Factory! But don’t expect to see the full version of them anytime soon. 

Pokémon Center - Guitar Cover